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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twins - A funny picture !!

Dear Blog Readers,

One of our Blog Moderators, Mr. Ehsanulla, has shared a funny picture with the Proddatur Blog.

Someone in the IT industry gave birth to a set of twins.
Guess what they named them?
See Below for Answer….

Do post your comments, and do share such funny pictures to be published in the Proddatur blog.

Blog Editor.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Funny Computer Photos !!

Dear Blog Readers,

Following are few funny computer pictures and wanted to share with blog viewers.

Picture -1 (A Windows Prgrammer, He can built Windows from the beginning)

Picture -2 (A man being busy doing nothing)

Picture -3 (A mouse inside mouse)

Picture -4 (Cat starring rat)

Picture -5 (Air Force Training )

Picture -6 (Opener)

Picture -7 (Portable Computer/Laptop)

Picture -8 (Error Message)

Picture -9 (Type Writter + TV + Iron Box)

Picture -10 (Print Screen)
Picture -11 (Computer Scientist Area)
Drop your comment on which picture makes you laugh, and also if you any good funny computer pictures, then please do share with us.
Blog Editor.